Class Structure

You can design your own 1-on-1 schedule or sign up for group classes.
We offer two Japanese language courses for group classes:
Course 1 (beginning Japanese) -1000 words, 200 kanji (JLPT N5) – 168 Training Hours
Course 2 (for 2nd-year students) -2000 words, 400 kanji (JLPT N4) – 168 Training Hours
We offer three class formats for Course 1 and Course 2:
1. Weekday 4-hour intensive classes (5 days / 20 hours per week)
2. Weekday 2-hour classes (2 days / 4 hours per week)
3. Weekend 4-hour  classes (1 day / 4 hours per week)
Weekday 4-hour Intensive Courses ―  42 classes (M-F) / 168 Training Hours

Weekday courses are intensive 4-hour courses. Morning sessions (9AM-1PM). These are two-month courses which run every day. Weekday courses are typically 21 days per month. The full course is 42 days.

Weekday 2-hour Courses ― 20 classes (2 days per week) / 40 Training Hours

These courses are available every afternoon or evening from 1PM-9PM. These classes are twice per week. When applying please specify which days you would like to attend.

Weekend 4-hour Courses ― 10 classes (Sat or Sun) / 40 Training Hours

Weekend courses are intensive 4-hours courses. Saturday or Sunday courses are available. These are ten-week courses which take place once a week. Morning sessions from 9AM-1PM.

Private 1-on-1 classes are also available for all levels.
Speak with an instructor to design a course tailored specifically to your needs.

 What will I learn as a beginner?

By the end of our two-month intensive course, you will be able to do the following:

–  read and write hiragana, katakana and 200 kanji characters
–  introduce yourself and give background information
–  express feelings and emotions
–  describe places and object locations
–  ask questions about life experience and opinions
–  invite people to events
–  ask for directions
–  give directions to taxi drivers
–  hold conversations about daily life
–  pass the JLPT N5 (Course 1)
–  pass the JLPT N4 (Course 2)

Course Materials

Course 1 – Japanese from Zero, The Handbook of Japanese Verbs, Supplemental Material
Course 2 – Genki II + workbookThe Handbook of Japanese Verbs, Supplemental Material

Check your local Amazon page or click on the links found on this page, under course material. Other supplemental material will also be supplied during class.


Class Format Hourly 10-hours Course (168  hours)
Group Class 1,700 yen 15,300 yen 257,000 yen
1-on-1 Lessons 4,500 yen 40,00 yen

A 10% discount is available when registering at 10-hour intervals.
Group classes are only available for Course 1 and 2 (Beginner and intermediate levels).
1-on-1 lessons are available for all levels.
Tuition must be paid-in-full before registration is complete. There are no registration or membership fees at Hattori Japanese Language School. You only need to cover class materials and tuition.

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